Teen Wolf Is One Less Of A Cast Member Again!

Credit: CW Network

Credit: CW Network

Yes, its has happened again. Teen Wolf has lost yet another cast member, a few days ago we learned that Colton Haynes who plays Jackson will not be returning to season three of the MTV teen drama.

Now we have also learned that Gage Golightly who plays Erica will not be returning either. confirming the news was Golightly’s former? co-star Stephen Lunsford. When asked about Golightly’s status on the show, via tumblr, he simply confirmed that she will not be returning to the show.

What’s going on here, Are they going to replace the two members they lost or kill them off completely, Haynes and Golightly’s characters played major roles in the season 2 finale and it wouldn’t make since for them to be on there.

How do you Teen Wolf fans feel about this situation? Will the show survive?