Catfish: “In the Eye of the Beholder”

Credit: MTV

From watching Catfish one thing I have yet to understand about online relationships is how the relationship is not really long distance but for some reason the two have yet to meet. Mike and Kristen have a online relationship that  has  lasted over 3 years. Even though they live less than 40 miles away from each other they have never met.

When we first meet Mike, he tells us that Kristen was in a tragic accident  resulting in her getting a glass eyes. For this reason Mike believed that Kristen’s glass eye was keeping her from meeting him.  That couldn’t be the case seeing as Mike showed of several pictures of Kristen that he had received and also revealed that they had exchanged some provocative photos. Kristen couldn’t be that self conscious about her appearance if her and Mike are sharing private photos. Mike also tells us that during him and Kristen’s online relationship he would periodically date other girls but would end the relationships in hopes of one day meeting Kristen.  Which is another thing that puzzles me.  Not only are you committed to someone you’ve never met but are having other relationships while you are supposedly already in one. It’s just confusing.

During the search to see how much of Kristen was real the only thing Nev and Max could find was that her name and how she looked was different. Which is a lot less than other other ‘catfish’ has lied about or hidden. Still, Mike was already feeling betrayed but had a change of heart when Nev made the phone call for them to meet.

As soon as Kristen comes out we see that she’s not the girl in the pictures that Mike’s been receiving but does have the glass eye. She instantly begins her apologies and I could see that she genuinely was sorry for lying to Mike.  She then tells her  story  of how her car accident changed her life. She lost friends and was kicked out of school for the continuous surgeries she had to have.   In her time of loneliness she found support in the relationship created with Mike. The fact that Mike was able to over look Kristen lying to him and be content with the fact that he helped her through a hard time speaks volumes of his character; even though he acted so cold through this episode.  I’m glad that he was willing to accept calls and text from her when she needed a friend.