Catfish: Left with Scars

Credit: ABC Family

Tonight’s episode of Catfish revolved around a sweet redhead named Jen who was in an online relationship with a San Fransisco college student named Skylar. One thing about this show that is always consistent is that there are always mutual feelings involved. Even though one person in the online relationship may  not be being completely honest about who they are, they still care about the person on the other side of the computer screen. Tonight was a different story.

Jen’s story may be all too familiar to those who have been bullied. She found comfort in developing friendships online and met Skylar. Like many others Jen turned to Nev and Max to finally meet Skylar, who she had grown to love.  During the search to find out Skylar’s true identity we find out that he may have been completely made up, and he was.

In the end, Jen finds out that Skylar is really a pathetic guy named Bryan. The most surprising thing about this reveal is that Bryan had no feelings for Jen or any intention of having a relationship with her even though he told Nev and Max he did. We all know the whole point of this show is for online lovers to meet and decide if they want to continue their relationship. I understand Nev and Max’s frustration when Bryan reveals his true motives and saw Jen’s heartbreak plastered on her face. When asked what he wanted to get out of meeting Jen, Bryan says that he wanted to reveal to Jen and all the other girls  he lied to who he really was. I’m sure we all feel he could have down that over the phone but I guess he felt it was necessary for them to fly half way across country to have Jen’s feeling thrown back in her face.  The one thing that made my skin crawl about Bryan’s excuses for catfishing Jen was that he was “giving her a gift” of what a real relationship is like? How big of a jackass can you be? Luckily, Jen handle it like the classy woman she is and look the whole situation as a lesson learned. As far as Bryan is concerned…who cares?