The Following’s Natalie Zea to Return for season 2


A lot of us was left wondering if Claire (Natalie Zea) was going to survive the knife attack or was it the end of her. Fox and the writers debated and decided to keep Claire on the show at least for the moment. It would be awful to kill claire off since she is a love interest of Ryan and ex wife of the arranged murder.

“My concern, and [series creator] Kevin Williamson’s concern, was always, is there more story to tell with Claire? And we both discovered that maybe there wasn’t,” Zea says. The character was slated to be killed off. But according to sources, that decision did not sit well with Fox execs, who feared The Following would lose followers with its leading lady cut from the cast.

“I feel like what would need to happen would be a change to her DNA,” says Zea. We are hoping that they keep her around for some time. Zea has also joined the cast of CBS’s show “Under The Dome” in which she starts filming next month.