FOX’s New Drama “The Following” rise in ratings!

Kevin-Bacon-and-James-Purefoy-of-The-Following Fox’s new TV show “The Following” premiered with 20.4 millions views, including those of Hulu, DVR, Video On Demand, and Live TV in which live TV was at 10.42 million. The show is doing well and fox is already closing in on a second season. The following recently scored up 2.8% from last weeks 2.4 among adults 18-49 equaling 8.4 millions views

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The series follows former FBI agent, Ryan Hardy (portrayed by: Kevin Bacon), who finds himself in the middle of a network of serial killers, when a diabolical serial killer uses his charisma and the Internet to create the network.

Ryan is not pleased to learn that an old serial killer that he caught a while back escaped from prison. The serial killer, Dr. Joe Carroll, harmed Ryan’s heart in which Ryan has to wear a pace maker to stay alive. Dr. Joe Carroll(The Serial Killer) broke out of prison to kill a girl named Sarah Fuller that he didn’t get the chance to kill a while back, he thinks of it as finishing a chapter in a book. Sarah Finds out the news about Joe Carols escape and panics, she closes and locks her doors and her two gay next door neighbors come over to support her and sit with her through it all. She consider her two gay next door neighbors her best friends, as they have been living next door to her for years.

While searching for Carol, Ryan reconnects with Carol’s ex-wife, which whom he had an affair with. He has police to guard his home and guard Sarah Fuller’s home. As guards go to check on Sarah they notice that she is missing, and Joe notices that it’s an escape route in Sarah’s closet which may have been built by her gay Neighbors. As they do a little more digging they find out that the two gay neighbors have been pretending for years and that they are actually working for Joe Carol.

When Ryan finds Sarah, he find her dead and Joe Carol is there and he is ready to go back to prison. When they take Joe back to prison they start to realize that while Joe was in prison he started a cult of killers. Joe had a lot of visitors throughout the years that he had been locked up and he convinced all of them to be a part of a cult of killing people.

By the end of the first episode Carol’s ex-wife calls the police and tells them that her son Joey is missing and so is her nanny whom she had been friends with for years is missing, and they come to realize that the nanny was also part of Carol’s cult.

Special Agent Debra Parker (Annie Parisse), an expert on alternative religions, joins the case as the hunt for Carroll’s son intensifies. Carroll’s prison guard protege Jordy (Steve Monroe) makes his first kill, slaughtering three college girls in their sorority house. Claire tries to discover Joey’s whereabouts from Carroll, but the interview only serves to reveal her prior relationship with Hardy to everyone. Joey’s nanny-turned-kidnapper Emma Hill (Valorie Curry), having convinced him that he’s on an adventure, takes him to an isolated house, along with Sarah Fuller’s “gay” neighbors Paul Torres (Adan Canto) and Jacob Wells (Nico Tortorella).

Tensions begin to rise between the three as Paul, having pretended to be Jacob’s lover for years, is now jealous of the intimate relationship between Jacob and Emma. Hardy is attacked by a Poe masked man while investigating Emma’s old residence. Jordy attacks Claire in her home, but Hardy wounds him and he is arrested. Parker delivers a book of Poe’s works to Carroll in prison, which results in a short but noticeable unspoken communication between the two of them. The next day, the man in the Poe mask lights a random civilian on fire in a crowd.

Joey gets his hand on the hidden phone, while Emma, Paul and Jacob leisures in the bedroom. He manage to have informative conversation with Claire, before Paul pulls him away from the phone. Caroll’s attorney, Olivia Warren (Renee Elise Goldsberry) are seen in the department, while Paul continues to convince Jacob to kill Megan. Warren addresses Caroll’s “The Following” allegation by quoting Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death in his press conference that triggers a follower to start his mission.

Special Agent Parker deputized Hardy. Emma reveals one of the followers, Charlie Mead (Tom Lipinski). Warren meets Claire and informs her of Caroll’s instruction in order for her to see Joey. Joey escapes from the house, stumbles upon a nearby male neighbor, and leads him to his house after Joey requested to borrow his house phone. Emma finds Joey and convinces him that she will lend her phone if he comes along with her. Paul breaks into the neighbor’s house after being told by Emma with a shovel shortly after the couple notifies the police. Hardy rushes to the location with a police officer.

Claire escapes from an FBI agent, Marshall Turner (John Lafayette) who is under watching her after having lunch with her friend. Emma locks Joey in the bedroom, and finds a man sent by Charlie, Hank Flynn (Josh Segarra) to move them out of the house. Hardy arrives at the neighbor’s home, only to find that they are both murdered. He tracks the nearby path and sees Jacob and Paul. Hank fatally shoots the police officer, and Hardy later kills Hank. Claire arrives at the location instructed by Warren and follows Charlie. Joey successfully breaks the door and sees Hardy downstairs. Paul finds both of them and put a gun behind Hardy’s head.