Vanessa Marano and Lea Thompson Talks About Season 2 Of ‘Switched at Birth’

Video Source: Youtube

ABC Family Interviewed Vanessa Marano(Bay) and Lea Thompson(Kathryn) were they discussed the new season of Switched at Birth.

Vanessa and Lea both gives us great and Juicy details about the second season, which has us anticipating the return of the hit ABC Family series. Vanessa dishes that Bay has gotten herself a new boyfriend and she also dished on her thoughts of Bay and Emmett getting back together. Although Emmett cheated on Bay, I think that the two should work things out and get back together, they were the cutest couple in town.

Leah also gave us some details about Kathryn‘s book, marriage, and life. It seems that the book that Kathryn has been writing will finally be published and is also a big seller, but happiness doesn’t always last as Kathryn will also be going through major problems with her marriage. Could her problems with her husband John all be because of the kiss that she shared with her lawyer.

What’s going on in the world of Daphne, well we last left Daphne realizing that she had feelings for her bestfriend Emmett, and we can see this causing a problem for both Bay and Daphne, as if the two weren’t at war enough, here is a new feud to add to the fire. As if that problem wasn’t enough, Daphne’s mother Regina will be saying “I Do” to Daphne’s biological father Angelo, who ran out on them years ago without explanation. Although Daphne isn’t to fond of her father she knows that the only way for him to stay around and for her to get answers if for her mother to marry him so that he won’t get deported.

We are guessing that this season will be extremely difficult and highly emotional for Emmett. Emmett has to deal with the arguing between his mother and father, he also has to deal with the hate he feels towards his dad at the moment for suggesting that his mother was a better parent for him. Emmett is also in emotional distraught after the break up with the girl he loves, Bay, and dealing with his consequences of cheating as well. The emotions will heighten up for Emmett now that it is being said that Bay now has a new boyfriend and also have to deal with Bay and Daphne possibly arguing over him. I say that Emmett will have pretty much a tougher time this season that anyone else.

Are you ready for the second season of Switched at Birth?