‘Scandal’ was suppose to have a different plot, would you have watched it?

Credit: ABC Network

Credit: ABC Network

Did you know that the hit ABC drama Scandal was suppose to have a different plot from what you are seeing now.

Show runner Shonda Rhimes, spoke with Entertainment Weekly about her different plot for the show.

Rhimes: “I couldn’t write Judy Smith as the character, mainly because Judy’s life is so confidential. I didn’t start writing until I knew what the pilot was and I knew what the pilot was when I knew she was sleeping with the President.” [Rhimes turns to Washington]. ”Originally the president was her father and it was much less interesting.”

Washington: “Oh wow.”

Rhimes: “He was much older. She didn’t work for him at all. She worked out of New York City so that’s my original concept, and she flew to Washington to do jobs. He was her father and he had her under surveillance. That was pretty much it.”

Washington: “Not as sexy!”

Rhimes: “Frankly it felt depressing and kind of weird.”

Not even the show’s star saw this coming, nor did she know of this. The plot was turned down by the Network. The show is based off of real life fixer Judy Smith.