Scandal: Time is running out for Olivia Pope, Will her Illuminati crew fall apart?



The president may have recovered and is back in office, but his marriage is crumbling and we aren’t so sure that Olivia wants to fix this. There are a ton of things that are about to break storm down Olivia’s path, she may be able to fix everyone else’s problem, Including Beyonce’s(jokingly), but can she fix her own problems.

The Hollywood Reporter recently had a chat with show runner Shonda Rhimes to talk about what’s next for Olivia and her Illuminati crew, check out what she had to say.

Olivia’s massive misdeeds may be close to coming out.

Quinn (Katie Lowes) is getting closer to uncovering the why behind her new identity, James (Dan Bucatinsky) and David (Josh Molina) are fresh on the scent and worse — Olivia may be forced to reveal just what lengths she went to in order to get Fitz elected. “The walls are closing in on Olivia,” Rhimes says. “She’s crossed a line that can’t be uncrossed. Is she going to be forced to tell anybody? That unfolds in a way that’s fairly unexpected and not how you think it will unfold.”

The how of how Quinn finds out about Olivia’s involvement in her past will be key.

After Olivia came thisclose to telling Quinn all about her past before she received the key call from Fitz that he was alert and wanted to see her. “How she finds out about everything is most surprising,” Rhimes says. “It’s not that she hears it from Olivia Pope, so how she finds out affects how she feels about everything. Then, for her, it really becomes a choice of allegiances to really decide what she’s going to do about that.”

Olivia may have a problem she can’t fix.

While we’ve been calling Olivia, Hollis, Verna, Mellie and Cyrus the “secret circle,” Rhimes says the writers have a different term for the group. “We call them the illuminati“, she says, noting the group’s David Rosen is about to “spiral out of control for all of them.” “There’s some splintering of factions and people start to take sides. For once, we have a problem that Olivia Pope’s not sure she can fix.”

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