More Drama On ABC’s Scandal + [SPOILER] Kids To Appear In Upcoming Episodes

Credit: ABC Network

Credit: ABC Network

Spoiler Alert!!!!
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The second season of Scandal has been more dramatic than the first, new secrets, new lies and more White House scandals. Scandal star Tony Goldwyn(Fitz)sat down and talked with various media sources to talk about the upcoming struggles for the president and everyone that surrounds him, and boy is the drama big this go around.

When talking to The Hollywood Reporter Tony Goldwyn revealed a few interesting things about the upcoming episodes and season.

Last weeks episode we learned that Mellie forged the presidents signature on a reinstatement paper while he was still unconscious, and Sally Langston knows that Mellie forged the president’s signature, so what’s next.

“In this week’s episode, Mellie — in her anxiety about the whole loss of power and Sally taking over — got herself into a really bad situation, and Fitz is going to have to help her get out of that. It gets really messy. We can’t say if and how I get back into the White House, but I am able to be active and help solve a big mess that Mellie is going to make.”

Although Fitz may be helping Mellie fix what she has screwed up, the married couple will be facing major bumps in the road over this.

We will also be meeting Fitz father in the upcoming episodes, whom is played by actor Barry Bostwick. His appearance will be mostly during flashbacks of the campaigning of the election, during the time Olivia and Fitz were having an affair.

Goldwyn also talked about Hollis and The President’s belief of Hollis’s involvement in the assassination attempt.

“He’s really puzzled. Fitz can’t understand why Hollis would want him dead. It makes no sense to him. It’s much more complicated in terms of who actually did it. We know it’s Becky who set Huck up, and we think it’s Hollis who set her up and that makes no sense to Fitz. Fitz’s attention is going to be on getting healthy to make sure the house doesn’t burn down in terms of being able to function in some capacity as president –preventing Sally from serving in that capacity. He’s allowing Cyrus, the CIA and the FBI to do their jobs but I don’t think he accepts that it’s Hollis. He’s smart enough to know that it’s not so simple that Hollis, on his own, tried to have him assassinated. If he does find out it’s going to be terribly shocking.”

What is up with Olivia and Fitz now that he is out of his comma, how will things be for the two of them, well Goldwyn spoke to Tv Guide about that.

“Things are very complicated, as you see. But put it this way, the first person that he wanted to talk to when he woke up was Olivia. It’s kind of like the Downton Abbey premiere, where Matthew says to Mary, “I’ve realized that I won’t be happy with anybody as long as you’re walking this Earth.” I think that Fitz realizes that about Olivia. So, that’s one of the things he’s gotten really clear. I’ll just say yes, he’s going to make attempts to get clarity on that and not playing any more games, but it’s going to be very complicated and problematic. We’re going to go a whole other round now with Olivia and Fitz.”

We have also learned via Tv Line that most in this weeks episode there will be a flashback that answers one big question hanging over this season.

The show runner Rhonda Rhimes also talked about Fitz’s kids coming onto the show.

Rhimes confirmed that viewers will “eventually meet” Fitz and Mellie’s teenage son and daughter (who are currently holed up at boarding school). “It will be interesting to see [Fitz] as a father,” she added. “In the beginning, we didn’t see them because I was worried that if you saw him with his children you would really hate Olivia for having an affair with him. Now I’m no longer concerned about that. You’re rooting for them to be together no matter what.” Rhimes also explained, “I didn’t want to do a bunch of stories about Fitz talking to a 12-year-old girl. That was not my plan… yet. That’s not to say we don’t have plans for that happening in the future.”

The more Drama the better, Are you excited for upcoming episodes of Scandal, we know we are.