Will Barry Sloane Be Returning for Season 3 of “Revenge”?



With Revenge’s season 3 première date just ahead, September 22nd 2013, a lot of us are asking the question of Aiden’s (Barry Sloane) whereabouts. The last we saw of Aiden he was in a nasty fight with Daniel, which may have led to Daniel picking up a gun.

The last we saw of Daniel, he was covering up blood on his sleeve which could have been Aiden’s blood. So the question on our minds is, Is Aiden Dead or Alive.

The actor Barry Sloane sure knows something about Aiden’s whereabouts. “Is #AidenBack or is #AidenFlashback ? #DanielGrayson #AidenMathis #RevengeSeason3IsComing,” the actor tweeted.

We love both Daniel and Aiden but come on are the writers really going to kill off one of the Hottest guys on the show. We have heard of a love triangle but maybe the show should introduce us to a love square. Emily Thorn also known as Amanda Clarke has the hot boys of The Hamptons in the palm of her hands.

We sure hope that Barry Sloane is actually in season 3 and not just as a flashback.

Are you excited for season 3?