Revenge Season 2 Episode 10 “Power” Recap, Will [spoiler] get out of Jail?

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Credit: ABC Vivian Zink

Spoiler Alert!!!!
This post contains spoilers, Read At Your Own Risk

Tonight’s Episode of Revenge was amazing, what a great way to bring back the second half of this winter season.

The show kicks off as Emily(Real Amanda) and Aiden are getting their early morning work out in, through kick boxing. As it comes to the next day, Emily is seen with Victoria on the balcony of the Grayson manor. Emily starts by asking Victoria, how Daniel is in trouble and what can she do about it. Victoria suggest that Daniel is still in love Emily and that Emily could help him out. Victoria wants Emily to get back with Daniel so that he can return to him old lovable self. This is all just another plan to keep Daniel safe from the Initiative.

Emily and Aiden stages a public break up at the same restaurant that Daniel and Conrad are both chatting at. As both Emily and Aiden storm off in different directions Daniel confronts Emily but Emily says she doesn’t want to talk about it and she walks off, then give a smirk.

At Grayson Global Daniel ask Nolan to hack into the Grayson Global system and find hidden files and information. Nolan happy about this tells Emily and tells her that he can possibly expose the initiative while doing so. After finding a few old videos in the system Nolan show them to Aiden and he uncovers a video of a woman calling a number and giving a password. Aiden calls the number and gives the password, and none other than Helen was on the other line. Helen says that she has been expecting Aidens call. After meeting with Helen she warns him and Told him that if he wants to keep his sister alive to stop, while having long ranged sniper riffles point on him.

Back at Jacks bar Declan does some snooping though the coffee beans that Kenny and Nate are bringing into the bar, and realizes that Kenny and Nate are running a drug trade out of the bar. Rushing to pick up the beans that he spilled, Declan forgets one bean. When Kenny steps on one of the beans he realizes that Declan had been looking and may have found something. Determined to get out of business, and to get them away from the bar Jack comes up with a plan to call the cops. When the cops come to the bar that night Jack acts if he were surprised that the cops were there. The cops then searched Jack’s boat where they found all the drugs. Kenny and Nate moved them to the boat to frame Declan. Jack takes the fall and says that they are his drugs so that they wouldn’t arrest Declan who was in the boat with Charolette at the time of the bust.

Do you think that Emily(Real Amanda) will come to Jack’s rescue? What do you think she will do to Kenny and Nate?