Meet Amanda Clarke’s Mother in Season 2 of Revenge!

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Weeds actress Jennifer Jason Leigh has landed a recurring role on ABC’s hit television series Revenge. Leigh will appear on the show as Amanda Clarke’s (the real Amanda) not so dead mother.

Leigh’s character is said to have some deep psychological issues and damage. The writers of the show also stated that Amanda’s mother is also dangerous.

We wonder just how dangerous she could be, and everyone in the Hamptons have secrets and motives, we wonder what kind of secrets Amanda’s mother is holding. In the season 1 finale it was discovered that Amanda’s mother was alive after all the years of thinking that she was dead.

Is it possible that Amanda’s mother knows something about the Grayson’s and why did Emily believe that her mother was dead.

We are excited for season 2 which premieres on Sunday September 30th at 9/8c on ABC