Revenge moved to Sundays + Premieres this fall

Photo Credit: ABC Channel © 2012 Disney ABC Television Group

ABC has announced that Revenge has been moved to a new day of the week. Revenge will now run on Sundays this fall starting September 30th at 9/8c.

Are you as excited as we are about the second season of Revenge. There are still a ton of things in question that hopefully will be answered in season 2. There are a list of things below that we should recap about season 1.

1) Emily Thorne is Amanda Clarke
Of course we know that when Amanda Clarke was a young girl she witnessed her father being framed by his rich lover (Victoria) whom stayed next door to him, and whom by the way was married. Amanda grew up in a Juvenile detention center, after her father was killed in prison, were she befriended a girl named Emily Thorne, whom later switched identities with Amanda so Amanda could go back to where she lived as a kid to seek revenge on Victoria and her family for setting her father up.

2) Amanda fell in love with her Enemy’s son
Amanda fell in love with her Enemy’s son and they were engaged to get married but called of the wedding and the relationship.

3) Emily Thorne came to town
Emily Thorne came to town after killing a guy that found out her and Amanda’s secret. Emily fell in love with jack whom was Amanda’s childhood friend and Amanda also is in love with jack.

4) Tyler Was Killed
A guy working for Amanda Clarke killed Tyler because Tyler knew her secret about the switch of Identity

5) Emily Thorne is pregnant by Jack
Emily Thorne came back to town yet once again and this time she came back Pregnant with Jack’s child which left Amanda devastated.

6) Victoria’s plane crashed
Victoria got on the plane with all the evidence of her and her husband setting up David Clarke(Amanda’s Father). Moments after the plane took off it crashed.

7) Charlotte Overdosed
After seeing on the news that the plane that her mother was in crashed Charlotte took an overdose.

8) Charlotte is Amanda’s sister
Amanda found out that her Enemy’s daughter is actually her half sister.

9) Amanda’s mother is alive
Amanda thought that her mother was dead all these years and now she finds out that she is alive.

We are anticipating the premiere of season 2, we have so many burning quesions such as.

Is Charlotte Dead?
Did Victoria survive the plane crash?
What will Emily do now that she knows her mother is alive?

and many more.