Switched At Birth Season 2 Episode 8 “Tight Rope Walker” Recap


Tohnight’s Episode of Switched At Birth was very intense for the students at Carlton High, school as well as for Kathryn, Bay, and Regina. Emotions ran wild and everyone was being tested.

In tonight’s episode Bay, Regina, Daphne, Noah, and Zane all have dinner at Regina’s place and Bay has the intentions of grilling Zane with questions. During dinner everyone is getting to know Zane and they are all liking Zane but Bay on the other hand decides that she wants to question Zane about Regina. Bay begins to ask Zane a ton of questions and Daphne realizes what she is doing and tells Bay to come help her in the kitchen. Bay begins to tell Daphne that she questions if Regina is back to drinking and If Regina has told Zane about her problems with Alcohol. Daphne tells that Regina will find the time to tell him and that she doesn’t think that Regina is drinking again.

Bay later goes to the bar to find Regina and notice that she’s not there and speaks with Zane, and she ask Zane if he and Regina ever have drinks at the bar and he told her yes and she tells him that Regina has an Alcohol problem and he is shocked to know this. Later Regina shows up at the bar after Bay has left and orders a drink and Zane ask her if she really wants it, then he tells her that Bay told him about her drinking problem and that he don’t want to be a bad influence on her. Regina then puts down the drink and goes home to yell at Bay about being in her business.

Meanwhile at Carlton things are getting bad for everyone. Kathryn wants to continue to put on the play but most of the def kids and Melody don’t want the hearing kids at the school because they feel as if the hearing kids are invading a place that the def kids can call home outside of the world of hearing kids. Kathryn finds out about this situation and doesn’t understand why the hearing kids feel this way. Half of the students leave the rehearsals to boycott the school board meeting to get them to get the hearing kids out of their school. Everyone leaves but Daphne stays at rehearsals for Kathryn, but she then decides that she doesn’t really want to stay and she goes to the meeting as well, leaving Kathryn heartbroken

Emmett is still giving Travis a hard time, but after finding out from Daphne that Travis really doesn’t have a place to stay Emmett softens up to him. Emmett then ask his mom if Travis can stay with them, and she says that she has been thinking the same thing. Meanwhile everyone at school is waiting to hear what the school board is going to do with the pilot program for hearing kids, and they later find out that the school board will be closing their High school leaving them devastated.

I think that the deaf kids are being over dramatic and bullies. They keep claiming that they want to be treated equal to society, but they want to continue to shut themselves of in a closed community, many hearing people are giving them a chance but they don’t seem to see it that way.

How did you all like this episode.