Switched At Birth Seaon 2 Episode 7 “Drive The Knife In” Recap

551379_500127490031133_1448041730_n Switched At Birth season 2 episode 7,”Drive The Knife In” begins with Bay and Noah sharing a kiss in the hallway on their way to class. Daphne joins Travis for lunch, and Travis tells Daphne that since she cooks for him all the time he decided to cook for her. Daphne is surprised by the gesture but she isn’t really feeling it so she goes on to tell Travis that she thinks that they should only be friends and nothing more, a heartbroken Travis then storms off.

Regina: Regina is still having her late night drinks with Zane and the two are still hitting it off, but Regina may have had too many drinks being that she woke up the next day and was late for work, resulting in her termination which causes her to drink even a bit more.

Bay: Bay has gotten the Job of designing the AD for her dad’s electoral campaign. When Bay comes up with a design for the AD her dad likes it but Ivan thinks that the AD will cause John to lose. John decides that the design that Bay came up with is the one that they should use. As Bay gets all things prepared for the AD Campaign she over hears Ivan talking about how he think that Bay’s design will cause John to lose the election, and this causes her to back her design out of the campaign. Once the Campaigns are printed John is furious that Bay’s design isn’t on the campaign. Meanwhile back at school Bay begins to tell Emmett that she and Noah are dating and that she and Emmett should just move on, and Emmett leans in and kisses Bay and Bay, confused ask Emmett why he kissed her and he replied “Are You Ready To Move On?”.

Daphne: Daphne and Noah get over the situation from the party the other night and become friends, after he audition of Romeo and Juliet which Noah states that she did a great Job. Meanwhile Kathryn tells Daphne that they police wants her to come down to the station to identify the guy that robbed her food truck. She identifies the guy but when they ask Travis to identify the guy Travis says that he doesn’t recognize the guy. Daphne is furious with Travis and ask him why did he lie, and was it to get back at her for breaking up with her and Travis tells her that it’s not the guy that he remembers. Back at school Daphne is talking to Noah and says that she thinks that Travis is trying to pick fights with her, after saying that she realizes why Travis lied about the guy that he saw. Daphne pulls up to the Pizza place where the guy that robbed them works and she see’s Travis holding a bat waiting to attack the guy and she stops him. Daphne also finds out that her mom got fired from her new job.

Toby: Toby doesn’t agree with some of the arguments in his dads campaign and he doesn’t want to write a jingle for the campaign, but he does find some way to help with the campaign and that is by putting up ads all over the town. During campaigning Toby meets a new who happens to be the daughter of her dads competition, which he doesn’t find out until he goes to her home and her mother walks in on them in the hot tub. Toby then storms off.