Switched At Birth Season 2 Episode 4 “Duel Of 2 Women” Recap!



Last nights Episode of Switched At Birth was a roller coaster ride for everyone. Everyone had their share of bad moments last night.

Bay is still having a hard time adjusting to life at Carlton High School as she is still being bullied by Natalie. As bay approaches her locker she notices that Natalie has tagged her locker with the words “Herie Bitch”, and Bay covers it up with art of her own.

Emmett turns to his mother to talk about Natalie and others that are bullying the hearing kids at the school. Meloday then decides that she will put together a tolerance weekend, in which the students, hearing and def, all go on a weekend camping trip to cope with their problems.

Emmett on the other hands wants to use this trip to try to spend some alone time with Bay. At the camp Bay is hanging with Noah, but then notices that Noah gets a little woozy and almost falls. Bay, ask him if he’s okay,seeming concerned, and Noah then goes to tell her that he has Ménière’s disease, which causes him to be woozy, and which will also cause him to lose his hearing someday. Emmett notices that both Bay and Noah are having a nice time together and he gets jealous.

Later in the night Meloday got the students in the camp to write on a piece of paper what they think they now about their partner. Bay was partnered with Natalie, and after finishing their writing the two were asked to read their list out. Natalie was refusing to do it, Bay on the other hand was more than willing. The first word that Bay read out to describe Natalie was “Bully”, after reading her lips Natalie then jumps in Bay’s face and calls her a poser, and the two start to argue. Meloday breaks up the argument and challenge them to say something nice about each other. They both said nice things about each other and that was the end of the session.

Just as the session was over, Regina began to arrive at the camp site. As Daphne comes over Regina begins to tell her the bad news. Regina begins to tell Daphne that the doctors said that she has to stop using her hands so much and that she may never be able to sign again. Daphne is broken by this news and leaves the conversation to go have some time to herself. Meloday on the other hand does not believe that Regina is trying hard enough to solve the problem and she and Regina get into an argument about her effort, and Regina tells Meloday that if she doesn’t think she is trying all that she can and as hard as she can then maybe she is not her friend.

Meanwhile while Toby is getting his car fixed he runs into Lana (Angelo’s Baby Mother) at the auto shop and she is upset that her car isn’t ready and Toby offers to give her a ride home. As Toby is driving her home he is distracted by Lana seeming to be in pain and he ends up hitting another car. Toby then realizes that Lana keeps having pain, and he fears that she is going into labor, he then decides to take her to the hospital. As they arrive at the hospital Lana reveals that she will be giving the baby up for adoption. The next day Toby takes her to the auto shop to pick up her car and there Toby tells Lana that the baby that she is carrying does have a family and that family is Daphne and that maybe she should meet her and the family before giving the baby up for adoption.

Emmett meets back up with Bay at school and ask her will they ever get back together, and her answer was that she doesn’t have room for a relationship in her life and Emmett can’t accept this and tells Bay that they can’t be friends because it hurts too much.

What did you think of this episode?