Switched at Birth Season 2 Episode 1 “The Door To Freedom” (Recap)

Credit: ABC Family Network

Credit: ABC Family Network

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Tonight was the season 2 premiere of Switched At Birth and it kicked off very gift barring. Angelo arrives to the Kennish house in his newly bought sports car, that he purchased using the money that he was awarded from the trial against the hospital.

As Angelo boast his new car he come barring gifts for everyone. The biggest gift was Daphne’s food truck, in which everyone adult was saying is too much. As Bay and Toby arrives at school, Bay is instructed to park her car behind the school, because of her car being painted and it wasn’t a good look for the wealthy school. After parking her car and running late to class Bay is then wanted in the principal’s office. As Bay arrives in the principal’s office they begin discussing her 94 that she has gotten on her french quiz. The teacher suggest that Bay cheated off of the student in front of her that made a 96. Furious Bay states that she had been studying more just as the teacher asked. Still in dis-belief the principal and teacher still decides to look into it. Meanwhile Angelo is trying to get Regina to build a house with him and move in and get back together.

As Toby goes to find Angelo to thank him for his gift of studio time with a famous producer, he walks in on Angelo talking to another woman who says that she is pregnant with Angelo’s baby, and Toby overhears this. Toby is asked to keep quiet and so he does.

As Daphne meets Jeff at the restaurant with a happy smile on her face, Jeff the proceeds to tell her that if she puts him down as a reference he will tell other Jobs the truth about why she really quit her job, he also states that Daphne and he should only remain friends and that she doesn’t have to text him all the time. Sad and Upset Daphne goes home, and as she gets out of the car she is startled by Travis whom is walking up at the time to come see her. Furious and upset over Jeff, Daphne snaps on Travis telling him that that They are never going to get together, that he should stop trying to flirt with her or push himself on her, that they will never ever happens. Sad by Daphne’s sudden hostility Travis walks off.

After class, Melody ask Daphne to stick around so that she can talk to her. Melody tells Daphne that she should stop thinking about Jeff, to get over herself and him and gain back control over her own life. Taking the news Daphne goes to Apologize to Travis and after he accepts her apology he tells her that her parents are kicking him out when he turns 18, looking shocked Daphne ask him what he’s going to do and he doesn’t know. Daphne notices that all Travis has been eating is junk food, and ask him when was the last time he ate food that wasn’t from a vending machine. Daphne proceeds to take Travis to her food truck and cooks him a waffle. Just as they both take a bite Bay walks in to talk to Daphne. Bay wanted to know how she would feel if she were to transfer to her school. The episode ends with them laughing and discussing her going to Carlton.

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