Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Finale “A Is For Answers”!


Talk about a great season! Last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars was amazing, and next week is the season finale and we are all waiting for the answers that puzzles our mind since the Pilot Episode.

Next week during the season finale episode “A is For Answers” Alison will be spilling the beans. What does this all mean for us? Is the show over and what can we expect? Well the good news is that, this is not the last of our Pretty Little Liars. Although with questions being answered, a new mystery is to begin.

In the promo for the season finale We can see the girls have “A” cornered on the rooftop of a building, while Hanna holds him/her at gunpoint and they are forcing “A” to remove his/her mask. As we continue to watch the preview I notice that the girls look down from the roof of the building in shock. Which made me think about the story in one of the Pretty Little Liars books where the girls where on the roof of a hotel chatting with a girl named Tabitha Clark whom the girls, except Aria, thought was Alison but Aria ended up pushing the girl over the edge of the building to her death.

So could A be pushed to his or her death by one of the girls? We don’t know but we know that from the book that the story had gotten even more messy when Tabitha’s body washed on sea.

It’s exciting to finally be getting the answers that we have been waiting for, but the only question now is, what are they going to do for season 5? Will they get more darker and scarier? If this show moves to another network besides ABC and they heighten the violence and intensity this show will be even more epic than it is now.