Pretty Little Liars: “Sleeping with the Enemy”

These past couple of weeks have led up to Aria’s ultimate heartbreak.  If we take a moment and remissness about the forbidden love Ezra and Aria shared I’m sure there are a good handful of us who are just as shattered as Aria.  I was becoming a tad frustrated.  Once Spencer started to find out the Ezra was more involved with Ali than anyone liked to believe,  A (or I could say Ezra) tried to make Spencer out to be delusional.  Spencer had not been keeping a good track record of credibility with her friends and A look advantage of it; as A is known  to do. I felt like it was a bit overrated and predictable.  When someone tries to make a seemingly innocent person out to be the ultimate bad guy of course no one is going to believe it right out the gate. Especially when the bad guy has a dough eyed girlfriend that believes  he wouldn’t squash a grape in a fruit fight.  Aria may not have been quick to take Spencer’s word for if but that didn’t stop her from finding the truth on her own. The truth about Ezra, ironically enough, lead to the truth about Spencer.

According to Ezra and his magnitude of notes, tapes, and recordings of the girls and conversations with Ali, he knew Ali quite well before he met Aria and our other liars. After Aria trashed Ezra’s place, because he is no where to be found of course, I have come to conclusion that even though Ezra may have not killed Allison he is still A.  Many of you may have already figured this out. But, seeing as how deranged Ezra is, if he was as close with Allison as we’ve seen he would go pretty far to figured who tried to kill her and write a book in the process. Yes, psycho, I

Credit: ABC Family

Credit: ABC Family

know.  All the anonymous text and ‘gifts’ came from Ezra and he knew so much about the girls from Allison.   One by one Ezra was going through, what seemed like, everyone in Rosewood to figure out who killed Ali. Our finalist looks to be Spencer.

We all know Spencer to be the well put together student and leader.  But, I don’t think we knew that she was being held together by medication. Spencer’s determination to get to the bottom of things have gotten her nowhere far before but this time I think she’s reached a dead end.  I don’t believe that Spencer tried to killed Ali or even hurt her but I think she might have blacked out when she saw who might have tried to kill Ali. Is the person Spencer’s been looking for this whole time  herself?  Or does she know more than her precious drugs are allowing her to remember?