Aria gets a new Love interest, is this goodbye to Ezria!

NICK ROUX, LUCY HALE Let’s face it Ezria fans, this relationship has gone sour. Many of us have rooted for Ezra since the pilot episode, but due to the changes in personality, we are no longer shipping for Ezria, Well at least I’m not.

We have seen the ups and downs of Aria and Ezra’s relationship, but they are at their worst. Ezra has been revealed as the psychopathic, stalker/killer that he is and there is no coming back from that. In season 4 episode 22 “Cover For Me”, Aria is seen with a new guy in town whom seems to be a very HOT BLONDE guy played by actor Nick Roux.

I don’t know about you all but i seem to think that this is definitely a HOT pair, although Aria and Jake made a hot pair as well, but this new guys seems to have bit more of an edge in looks, so who are you rooting for.