Pretty Little Liars: “Fear of Being Discovered”


Credit: ABC Family

    Credit: ABC Family.

Even though most of us knew, it was confirmed at the end of last season that Allison is alive.  Not only is there a hint of betrayal in the air but also more questions and confusion. Since Ali has been faking her death does this mean that she isn’t A?  Or does this give us more reason to believe, that because of who ever she’s hiding from, that she is A?  I’m more curious about is who is in Ali’s coffin.  Hannah had reason to believe that Sara Harvey was Ali’s decoy, who Hannah believed went missing around the same time Ali did.  After a few confessions from Sara’s old friends it seems Ali and Sara not only had looks in common but also personalities.

Not only did Sara and Ali have a lot in common but so did their separate group of friends.  Both groups were only friends because of that one blonde that stood out from the crowd and made them all feel special.  Unfortunately, they only made them feel special for their own benefit; they knew their friends would worship and love them more for it.  Only after it’s revealed that Ali is alive that Emily begins to realize how much Ali betrayed and hurt her.  Emily is starting to let go of Ali right when she needs our pretty little liars’ help the most.  Even though I’m almost proud of Emily for letting go of the heartbreak Ali caused as her first true love, Ali needs her help more than ever now. Emily may not be up to the A game anymore and who knows where that will leave Ali and our little liars.

Our pretty little liars aren’t the only ones that have secrets.  After Caleb left to Ravenswood  he came back not willing to let Hannah in on anything that happened during his departure or any explanation on why he had to go back.  We all know Hannah and I don’t think she’s gonna take no for an answer.

I don’t know about anyone else but I never expected Ezra to be involved with the A game, or he could even be A. If it’s anyone that knows a schemer it’s Mona, and she is onto Ezra. I wonder if she could be biting off more than she can chew.

Mona could be in the right playing field but Spencer and Toby challenged the big dogs and won. Spencer’s dad thinks they could have done better in getting Radley to actually shut down and has offered his help, but I think he may have a hidden agenda. We all know the prettiest liars have the best secrets, so whats in Ali’s journal?