Pretty Little Liars: “The Blonde Your Mom Warned You About” (Spoiler)

As we get closer to this season’s end,  I feel like we’ve gotten closer to knowing who A is than any other season and I’m literally on the edge of my seat.  An invitation to  the Fields to stay in the DiLaurentis  house leaves Emily with chills but the girls encourage her to accept in hopes of getting some answers about Cece.  Staying in your dead best friend’s room as it was when she was alive would freak anyone out, but Emily takes one for the team. The death of  a loved one could leave anyone heart broken.  Not an item is out of place in Ali’s room; even  her clothes are still hanging up. Maybe Mr. DiLaurentis had reason to file for divorce.  Our attention was focused on what could be found in Ali’s bedroom but the real answers are in the basement.  A certain blonde may have overstayed her welcome.  But, Aria may have stumbled upon the biggest clue yet.  As she searches for the address that Caleb found, connected to the PO box under Cece’s name, she runs into a resident moving out.  The disgruntled roommate reveals some information that just might prove that Cece it A and the reason why the A game was started.  Who knew holding a grudge could go so far.

Toby is still dragging Spencer along on his blinded search to find more answers about his mom. I think A is taking full advantage of Toby’s vulnerability.  Toby wants to know the truth about his mom’s death so bad that he’s willing to take any risk possible. So, how long will Spencer stand by her man’s side until he find’s what he’s looking for?   Or will she finally decide she can no longer lie to her friends. She may not have to lie too much longer. Spencer has always thought quickly on her toes and has found a way to get some answers from Dr. Palmer.  Even though he gave warning to stay  away from a certain blonde, which one is he talking about! He threw Mrs. DiLaurentis into the picture and she was open about how she knew Dr. Palmer when confronted by Spencer, but we have to question if it’s the whole story.

It’s sad to say that even the person with the biggest heart and sweetest smile can be the bearer of the biggest lie.  Maggie threw me for a complete curve.  All this time we thought that Ezra had the family that his mother had been trying to keep him from for the sake of the family image. She was actually keeping him from a lie. I have to wonder if his mother knew that Malcolm wasn’t Ezra’s son. It was so heartbreaking to watch Ezra try so hard to get joint custody to be close to his son and then to find out he’s not his father.  What’s worse is that Maggie knew it and let Ezra fall in love with Malcolm anyway.  Did she want a family that bad? Being that Ezra’s new family was the sole reason of his and Aria’s breakup, it’s no question that he’s going to try to get Aria back.  They can be together now right? I think Aria’s very much occupied.

I think we love when the men of PLL go to the extreme to protect their women. Caleb was ready to risk his relationship with Hannah to protect her from A.  Of course Hannah reassured him that he is all the protection she needs. Unless Caleb knows a good lawyer he won’t be able to protect Hannah too much longer. Hannah may be pushed to go to the police. Yeah right.