Pretty Little Liars: “A Reason to Celebrate” (Spoiler)

Credit: ABC Family

The good news is Mona’s decision to confess to murdering Wilden worked in Ashley’s favor. The bad news is we may be closer to finding out who ‘A’ is, and I honestly don’t think you guys are ready for that heart attack. Even though Hanna has gotten her mom back home, it came with a nice ankle accessory while Ashley awaits trial.  We know Hannah is disappointed  that her dad didn’t come to the rescue but Ashley may be more thankful for who else stepped in to save the day.  In Ashley’s case we have to wonder if there was an underlying motive to putting up bail for her or does this anonymous person really have her best interest at heart? We can only hope.

As we take a trip down memory lane I’m sure we remember how heart broken we were when Aria finally decided to let Ezra go after the reveal of his new family. Recently, we’ve seen Ezra trying to get back in Aria’s good graces but her attention is focused in another direction. Ezra has decided to take matters into his own hands in making sure he continues to see Malcolm on a regular basis. We have to wonder if this is because of the frustration he feels of seeing Aria  in the arms of someone else.  Although Aria was trying to play hard to get I think Kim gave her a push in the right direction and jump started some emotions I don’t think Aria knew she could feel again. How many of us are rooting for Aria and Jake?

I think some of us have been in Emily and Paige’s corner but it looks like we might be loosing them.  Now that Paige has come to realize she has no control over Emily’s swimming career, she has to get used to being without Emily for possibly the next 4 years. Will they be able to make a compromise in favor of their relationship or will they have to accept fate? I was beginning to think Shana and Jenna would take the spotlight but Jenna may have met an early demise.  Jenna may pull through and her and Shana’s relationship will be stronger than ever. In the midst of  Jenna’s tragedy, Shana revealed that Cece drake was after Jenna.  So will they all come together to stop Cece? Has Cece been the ring master in this circus this whole time?  Will the real red coat please stand up!