Pretty Little Liars: Living in a Lie (Spoiler)

Credit: ABC Family

As ‘A’ is trying to tear apart each little liars’ family, ‘A’ has gotten Emily and Hannah down to their lowest point. After an unknown driver crashed a car right into Emily’s living room, Emily and her mother are summoned to live in a motel. Even though Emily is trying to hold on to the small amount of normalcy left by continuing her search for the perfect college and even deciding to join Habit for Humanity again, A’s stunts are taking a toll on Emily’s mom. Will Emily be able to be the rock of the family while her dad is away and still be able to  stick to her goals?

Along with getting into a good college, everyone’s main goal is to get Ashley out of prison.  I think next time Spencer wants to slip away with a piece of evidence she should be more careful of who’s around. Even though Caleb and Toby were closer to getting answers behind Wilden’s murder, and maybe even Ally’s, as I predicted Hannah didn’t take the back seat for long.  Hannah and Ashley have only had each other to fall back on and they’ve always protected one another.  If Ashley was to be sentenced to prison for 20+ years Hannah’ s whole life would change for the worse.  I don’t think any of us want to see Hannah have to move in with her dad , wicked step mother, and sister; even though it would be a good dose of drama.  I’m sure we all knew that Hannah was going to go to extreme measures to make sure her mom wouldn’t have to go to prison but i wasn’t expecting her to try and confess to Wilden’s murder. Who better to turn to than Mona, the expert of living a lie.  If we know Caleb we know that he wasn’t going to let Hannah go through with it, but I was not expecting Mona’s plan B. How will ‘A’ react to Mona coming to Ashley’s rescue? It’s no question that Mona will be believable but what exactly is in it for her?  Maybe Mona really can be trusted.