Pretty Little Liars: 20 years to Life

Credit: ABC Family

Things have really gotten to their  breaking point if  Toby and Caleb have teamed up.  I hate to say it but they seem to have made more progress in their couple hours of investigation than our pretty little liars do in one day.  Nevertheless, we are back on  Red Coats’ tail and I’m starting to think we have a different culprit than who was previously suspected. A lot of us have been wanting Allison to be behind the whole ‘A’ game, but to me it’s a lot bigger than Allison. We’ve been looking for a blonde  and I completely overlooked CeCe. I didn’t suspect her at first because she seemed to be just passing through, but no one ever just passes through Rosewood without a purpose. It’s a good thing that Nijhil was an easy cookie to break but he got away before we could find out who he’s answering to. He must be real comfortable with them to refer to them as ‘babe’? If my predictions are wrong, I leave it fully in Caleb and Toby’s hands to lead us in the right direction.

In the meantime, not knowing which direction Ashley’s sentencing is going is a hard pill to swallow for Hannah. Will Hannah retaliate? She might leave it in Caleb’s hand now but I think seeing her mom in that orange jumpsuit might light a fire in her like we’ve never seen before.   This has to be one of A’s most evil set ups.  Being that Wilden and Ashley had an intimate relationship that ended with Wilden basically harassing both Hannah and her mom, Ashley was supposed to be out of town when Wilden was murdered, there’s video of Ashley hitting Wilden with her car, and that Wilden was killed with the gun that Ashley supposedly took  from Hannah’s dad for protection  is like a perfect storm for ‘A’ , and A has taken full advantage of it.

Emily has taken complete advantage of her mom’s position at the police station.  Emily must know that tampering with evidence is a crime. Not only has she put herself on the line but she is costing her mom her job. Since college and physical therapy aren’t cheap, Emily shouldn’t be standing in the way of the family income.  If it’s all in the name of being a good friend its O.K,  right?   I have a feeling that the driver behind the wheel thinks other wise.  Add on house repairs and Emily is costing her family more than she’s helping. Way to be careless Em.