Pretty Little Liars: Behind the Violin


Credit: ABC Family

It wasn’t long but, Mona has decided to grace us with her presence once more and as I predicted she flipped everyone’s expectations upside down.  Sorry Spencer, you couldn’t have thought you could cover for Toby too much longer. In the mist of Spencer and Toby’s  wild goose chase for Ms. Grenwald, we come across Shana. What’s her connection to ‘Creepyville’ and does she have a connection to Ms. Grenwald?  I personally feel like Spencer  should have stayed loyal to the girls, but who am I to judge.

Unfortunately, a few of us might have to appear in front of a judge to plead our case. Emily may have made herself a suspect accidentally by thinking she was giving up some useful information to get the heat off of Hannah’s mom. It looks like the Emily mask has backfired. Hannah may believe her mom is innocent but leave it up to A and that can be arranged; the moms of Rosewood are still being targeted.

Meanwhile, poor Aria is the target of some hurtful rumors made worse by Connor. Maybe her little brother Mike knew Connor was no good. You could cut the tension between them with a knife. I don’t know what was more awkward, the walk of shame after Connor’s sneak kiss or Ezra’s shot down attempt to be there for Aria. Either way I think a certain Montgomery took care of Connor. I hope they have a good detail shop in Rosewood.