Pretty Little Liars: Your Face, for Answers

Credit: ABC Family

Credit: ABC Family

Before we get started, has anybody seen Mona?  Where is she and what is she up to?   Could she be trying to recover her lair or find ways  to gain our trust?  Keep an eye out, I have a feeling she’ll be coming back with good reason to trust her.

Even though Detective Wilden is dead I’m feeling that he might have come back reincarnated as Detective Holbrook.  The only difference is that Holbrook seems to be getting his job done and he has a very intimidating partner, Lt. Tanner. Hannah made the mistake of trying to redirect the attention of her mom and little did she know that Tanner was five steps ahead of her. Watch out Hannah, I think Lt. Tanner is used to a whole  different ball game than you are. Now that Hannah’s mom has admitted to not being in New York the night Wilden was killed, I think Hannah has run out of ideas on how to keep her mom out of the spotlight.

Hannah isn’t the only one trying to keep her mom from behind bars.  One of the well known facts of being a pretty little liar is that small white lies always turn into bigger ones and that’s exactly what’s happened to Emily. She can’t come clean to her parents about her shoulder without coming clean about A, but if she doesn’t do something soon she might end up with a broken family. We know who will always be around though, good ole Paige.

Toby is all too familiar with broken families.  While trying to put the pieces back together we almost thought he hit a dead end until a certain blonde came up. Could she have something to do with the mystery behind his mom’s death?  Too bad Toby can’t confront her.

But Spencer can comfort Melissa. I know I’m not the only one that has been waiting for this moment. Can we really trust Melissa’s answers. Has she really been protecting Spencer?  Has Wilden known who A was this whole time? And what is up with all these mask!