Pretty Little Liars: The Student, Teacher Thing

Credit: ABC Family

Credit: ABC Family

We are only  on the second episode of this season and I think the question that remains is if Mona can truly be trusted?  It seems as though she’s having a hard time convincing us that she can be. I think A might have helped her out a bit in that regard. While Mona is trying to prove that she isn’t on the A team, I was convinced that Toby might be trying to get back in A’s good graces.  Since we know now why Toby gave up Mona’s RV can we forgive him?  How far will he go to get more answers?  Could he have been the one that attacked Mona?

Just when Paige was getting her hopes up about her and Emily’s life together, Emily had to go and be the hero; which always comes with a price.  We thought we lost you Em!  Has she ruined her chances of swimming in college?  Either way it looks like Paige is standing by her fallen solider.

We know that Hannah and her mom were Wilden’s main target but would that  have been enough for Hannah’s mom to ruin a pair of silk Manolos?  Hannah thinks so.  How did her mom lose her phone and was she really in New York the whole time she was gone?  Allison’s parrot roommate might have some answers. Even though the girls feel like Allison’s mom might be expecting Allison back, I don’t think she would give up such an important clue. We shall soon see why she’s really back.

We are all too familiar with the awkward vibes Aria and Fitz have, but that might all change with one lesson of martial arts self-defense classes. How do we feel about about this potential new boo?