What can we expect from the season 4 premiere of Pretty Little Liars?


Only 5 days away from the season 4 premiere of Pretty Little Liars and all the fans are excited. The season 4 premiere episode is entitle “A is for A-L-I-V-E” and through out the break the cast and crew have tweeted Major spoilers, so what are we to expect from the premiere episode of season 4, well we have rounded up the list.

1.) The Queen Of Hearts: Expect to find out who was in the queen of hearts costume in this first episode. We last seen the queen of hearts on the Halloween train during the Halloween special in October of 2012.

2.) Ezra gets arrested: From the Much Music promo it looks as if Ezra and Aria are in for a big surprise as Aria was being seen questioned by authorities for dating Ezra, and Ezra was being seen carried away in handcuffs.

3.) What’s In The Trunk: During the season 3 finale the girls were shocked when opening detective Wilden’s trunk and finding something very disturbing. Although the writers left us guessing what it was, we will know in the season 4 premiere.

4.) A Funeral: It seems that the liars are attending yet another funeral in Rosewood, and it seems just like the funeral from the first episode of the show. The only question is? Who’s dead and how did he or she die.

5.) Mystery Woman In Black: It seems as if there is a new mystery woman in town as she was seen in the promo photos at the funeral wearing all black, with a black vale over her face, making it unclear of who she is, but we do know that she is a blonde.

6.) Mona Is Now A Liar: Mona is now on the same team with the girls, or so it seems, her loyalty will be tested during the first episode.

  • Morgan

    Cannot wait for this!!

  • Amanda

    This is THE show!! Cannot wait for it to be back

  • Amanda C.

    Can’t wait for the show to come back!