Pretty Little Liars: As Sane As I Am


Credit: ABC Family

So Wilden is back and has not skipped a beat with terrorizing Hannah and her mother.  But was he ever gone?  We know he stays M.I.A because he has a little dirt on his name like everyone else.  Has he won?  It looks like Hannah’s mom might be moving across country and taking our beloved Hannah her.  How much longer do we have with her?

Now that Ezra is trying to adjust to the new family, he has to find a way to support little Malcolm right?  We know Ezra is an awesome teacher but Aria’s dad nipped that in the bud when he found out about their relationship.  As the Aria we know, she turns to her parents in hopes to get Ezra back on his feet.   But will Aria’s parents help Ezra get in good with a teaching position out of the kindness of their hearts, or are they wanting to push Ezra closer to Malcolm and Maggie in hopes that he will leave Aria behind?  Sneaky parents. What if Ezra gets a job back at Rosewood high? Will Aria’s little white lie have their relationship back where it was when they were sneaking around?

The question still remains if that was really Toby that Spencer saw dead in the woods.  After all, she didn’t see his face, just his infamous tattoo.  But it had to be Toby, right? Spencer wouldn’t be wondering around the woods delirious and end up in Radley if it wasn’t Toby, would she? We thought she would be out after her 72 hour evaluation but Spencer might have actually lost it. On the bright side we have met Eddy Lamb and it seems he may know a lot more than he can say, not only about Mona but Toby and his mom! So will Spencer be checking in to Radley for an extended stay and in Mona’s old room at that? Let’s see what clues Mona left behind.