Pretty Little Liars: Who’s Going To Die in Episode 21!


We are Just hours away from tonight’s Episode and we have learned that there will be a death in tonight’s episode and we have a list of people we suspect. Rosewood is getting smaller and it seems as if everyone is dying, Majority of the people that are left living in Rosewood play major roles so who could be the next to go.

CeCe: Maybe Cece is the next to die, I mean in the last episode she was packing in a hurry to leave town, but that doesn’t mean that she makes it out of town. It seems that Cece may know more about what happened that night and more about Alison than everyone thinks.

Lucas: Although we haven’t seen much of Lucas lately, they may just bring him back tonight to kill him off. Lets not forget when the second half of season 3b premiered Toby was trying to run him over, maybe Lucas knows something or maybe Lucas was on the A team and decided to revoke his membership.

Jason: We aren’t so sure about Jason being the next to go, This will seriously hurt the Dilaurentis family considering that this may result in them being childless with two dead kids, unless Alison is faking her death and or Alison really does have a twin, Courtney. Jason did go missing from the hospital, whether he was kidnapped or escaped himself, also we still aren’t sure if Jason is on the A-Team or not.

It’s hard to tell about any of the other characters like Noel or Jenna since they haven’t been around at all this season.

Who do you think will die?