Pretty Little Liars Questions: Could Toby Secretly Have a Twin? Who Is The Mystery Guy?


Tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars left us shocked and asking even more questions. Does Toby have a twin? Is Toby Really Dead? Who Killed Toby? and Who was Mona meeting? and Who is this mystery guy that is driving Toby’s truck?

Does Toby Have a Twin? We ask this because the writers have said that Toby and Spencer has a moment in upcoming episodes, maybe that moment was Spencer finding Toby’s body, but we have also heard that Toby will be in the finale. We saw Toby’s lifeless body laying in the woods with what appears to be a slit wrist. Maybe Toby didn’t die from the wound, maybe Toby actually survives, or maybe That wasn’t Toby maybe Toby is actually the one with the Twin instead of Alison.

Who is the Mysterious guy that knows Emily? As Emily knocks on Toby’s door, she notices a mysterious guy drives up in Toby’s truck, she ask him if he has seen Toby and he tells her that Toby said he was going out of town. Later Emily gets a text from Toby telling her to meet him outside of a warehouse where he worked, Emily gets there and waits for two hours but Toby never shows. Emily then sees the girl in the red coat go into the warehouse and Emily goes in after her. When Emily arrives in the warehouse she see’s the guy from earlier and ask him if he saw a girl in a red coat come through the warehouse and he tells her that he hasn’t seen Toby or a girl in a read coat and he says sorry I can’t help you and calls her by her name. Emily is shocked and ask the guy how he knows her name and he says that she told him earlier which is a lie, Emily never told him her name. So who can this mysterious guy be.

Why was Mona fleeing from Toby’s dead body, could she have been the one that killed him or is it that she knows something more.