Pretty Little Liars Covers The New Issue Of Entertainment Weekly Magazine!

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

The cast of ABC Family’s hit television drama Pretty Little Liars are the latest to cover Entertainment Weekly Magazine. Pretty Little Liars has become a success among teens and adults everywhere and is one of the most tweeted about television shows on the days it airs.

The cast of the show keeps their fans wanting more by continuing to dish out clues and information about upcoming episodes, but just shy away enough to keep the fans guessing and speculating. Fans of the show look forward to ever tweet or facebook past from the cast and crew of the series, I guess you can call it an obsession, I mean how can it not be it keeps us wanting more at the end of each episode. Pretty Little Liars draws 3.8 million viewers each week, while also maintaining a colossal digital footprint of more than 10 million likes on Facebook, a Twitter handle (@ABCFpll) with a million-plus followers, and four stars who collectively reach more than 5.5 million with a tweet or retweet.

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