Pretty Little Liars:The Last Straw (Spoiler)

Credit: ABC Family

Credit: ABC Family

The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Ezra is back and he and everyone else is taking a stand against their rivals.  Ezra finally speaks on his frustrations towards his mother about running people out of his life and keeping secrets. This is an Ezra we can get used to. I don’t think Aria has any objections either. Speaking of Aria, will she to take on the role of step mom? And when will Malcolm make another debut?

Even though Paige looks like she may be team Emily  by trying to figure out  the A game but we can’t forget about her aggressive past. There could be a lot more to this Shauna character than she is letting off. What other secrets could she be  keeping?

Hannah’s mom is also fighting back this episode. We all know that Detective Walden has been out to get our pretty little liars, especially Hannah, since Allison’s death and Hannah’s mom has never hesitated to cover for her. But now she’s went as far as to put Walden under her wheels. When push comes to shove, right?

Who better to make Spencer crack than her own flesh and blood. Was the steam room lock up really over Wren or do we have another member of the A team lurking among us? Will Wren make his way back into Spencer’s life? Will Spencer be taking a risk by  revealing the truth about Toby? Of course, but that’s what we love, right?