Pretty Little Liars: Who Was The Girl That Dug Up Alison’s Grave?


We are getting really close to the season finale of Pretty Little Liars and all the secrets are coming out, and we will also learn all the truths in the finale of this season.

But for now our question speculating is, Who is the female that dug up Alison’s grave? Yes we said female, If you noticed that in episode 3×18 Emily remembered something from that night and she remembered someone digging up Alison’s grave, but if you paid close attention you’d notice that the person that dug up Alison’s grave had long black hair.


As you can see the person that was digging up the grave has long hair, There are no guys on the show with long hair, besides Caleb, but Caleb’s hair doesn’t hang that low, so it has to be one of our female characters.

Could it be Aria, Jenna, Mona, or someone else. Who do you think it could be.