Pretty Little Liars:Blonde Hair, Red Coat

Credit: ABC Family

Credit: ABC Family

Our pretty little liars never fail when it comes to bringing the drama.  Even though our dearest Ezra has stepped out of the picture his younger brother has picked up the slack and brought the heat with him.  He’s not the charming Ezra but I’m ready to see what else he has up his sleeve.  Hopefully Ezra doesn’t stay gone too long because his younger brother could have just as much Fitz magic as he does.  Or maybe Ezra could get used to the family life and leave everything else behind.

Hannah is continuing to bring out Caleb’s soft side.  As they make a trip to his aunt’s house on his dad’s side (who we know Caleb is not a big fan of), it looks like they might have uncovered more than Caleb bargained for.   It could be more to the story of his absent father than he thinks.

It also seems like Spencer may be getting her money’s worth with her private investigator.  Maybe Toby knows about this private investigator (we all know A sees everything) and wants Spencer to know the truth but just can’t tell her himself.  I don’t think she’s really ready for the answers she’s asking for.  In the meantime Spencer is taking her aggression out on the ones closest to her; she needs a reality check on whom her real friends are and who’s always been there for her. I’m still waiting for her to tell them the truth about Toby since she revealed Allison’s baby daddy.

It’s starting to look like Emily knows a lot more than she’s given herself credit for as her nightmares uncover more about the nights she can’t remember; and how brave of Dr. Sullivan to show her face again  after her personal encounter with “A.” So who do you think the lady in red is?

  • terrellvanity

    I think the Lady in Red is Melissa or Either Alison or Courtney, Or Jenna