Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Major Spoilers! Someone Will DIE and [Spoiler] has something to do with it!

Credit: ABC Familyu

Credit: ABC Familyu

Spoiler Alert!!!
This post contain spoilers read at yur own risk

So this season of Pretty Little Liars will be very revealing and we are told that it will also be satisfying. Over the course of days there has been many spoiler outbreaks and we have round them all up.

1.) Mona Has Feeling for Toby: WAIT! What? is this true, does Mona really have feelings for Toby. They do spend a lot of time together being that they are both on the “A” team and they are both mental in their own way, but we seem to think Mona is more insane. Could our eyes see MOBY in the future, we sure hope not.

2.) Jason and His Alison Secret: Jason is supposedly hiding a major secret about Alison that no one know. What could be this secret? Could the secret be that she has a twin sister, just like the books say? Whatever the secret is I am pretty sure that we will find out soon.

3.) Lucas is not Trustworthy: Word is that Lucas is not trustworthy, which breaks our hearts, we were kind of rooting for Lucas to be the good guy here, but as we all know, this is Rosewood no one is a good guy everyone is playing victim and per-portraiture at the same time.

4.) Spencer Might Check Into Radley: Mona isn’t the only one that may have been locked in an insane asylum, it seems as if Spencer may be next. Seems as if Radley is offering to take Spencer in and someone is trying to convince her that she needs help.

5.) Detective Wilden played a role in Alison’s disappearance: While he has been snooping around the girls private life, someone should have been snooping in his. It seems that spoilers say that Detective Wilden has something to do with Alison’s disappearance. How much of a role did you think he played in her disappearance? The writers of the show always surprises us and Wilden may not be that involved as you think.

6.) Hannah gets a clue: Another “A” team member may be revealed when Hannah gets a clue from someone.

7.) Toby Loves Spencer and will struggle: Toby really loves Spencer even though he is making her life miserable on purpose, he really does love her and he will be struggling with this for the rest of season 3B, We also learn that Toby will become jealous, and we all know what a jealous “A” is capable of.

8.) The Liars will have a fallout with Spencer: Spencer has had a nonchalant attitude since her discovery that Toby was a part of the A-Team and her attitude starts to get to her friends and they will all confront Spencer and will have a falling out.

9.) We Will know Ali’s Killer In The Finale: In the season 3 Finale we will finally know who Killed Alison and All secrets will be revealed.

10.) Ali’s Killer Tries To Kill One Of The Girls: Whomever is Alison’s Killer, they will try to kill one of the girls.

11.) We might learn when Mona joined the A Team: There will be a flashback when we may discover the moment when Mona decided to join the A team, or start the A team.

12.) Jenna and Noel are hiding something: It seems as if Jenna and Noel are hiding something just as we have expected all this time, but Jenna left town, does this mean that she’s coming back.

13.) Someone Will Die and WREN has something to do with it: Wait a minute, Wren is involved in the death of someone? Wether he kills someone or just partakes in some sort of activity that leads to the death of someone.

14.) We will find out about the night Alison’s grave was dug up: Emily will eventually remember everything about the night that Alison’s grave was dug up and who Dug it up.

Wow these are major spoilers, and we are excited to get the answers we have all been looking for.