Pretty Little Liars: Will Spencer Rise From The Ashes?

Credit: ABC Family

Credit: ABC Family

Spencer has always been portrayed as the one to take charge especially under pressure and she never lets anyone stand in her way. Since the ending of last week’s episode we’ve seen a new, timid Spencer emerging.  Since we found out that Toby was apart of the “A” team I have been anticipating Spencer finding out about Toby but I didn’t know it was going to turn her world around like it has.

I was expecting her to demand answers! But she has been a crying wreck ever since; she is truly in love.  So is that any reason to turn into a fire breathing dragon on Ezra? Where was all this aggression when she caught Toby in his “A” uniform?  Maybe she was tricked into it but did she have to take it to the extreme? She should have confirmed with Aria first. I can’t imagine the old Spencer falling for the oldest trick in the “A” book.  Once again we’ll chalk it up to Spencer’s broken heart. But I don’t think we can excuse Spencer for no apology though.

She has potentially destroyed our favorite couples and she has nothing to say for herself and basically blames Aria for keeping the secret of Ezra’s son in the first place. Excuse me Spencer but who’s side are you on again? I thought at first maybe she would lead Toby on to think she wants to be a part of the “A” team to get the answers she wants( that could be too risky) or even genuinely want to be a part of the “A” team just to be closer to Toby.

Perfect solution right Team Spencer? Could she really get down and dirty like her lost love Toby? Maybe, if this private investigator she has hired doesn’t work out. I was fully expecting her to be meeting up with Toby with the way she was being so secretive and breaking down in the car. So what is he really going to find out that the police or our pretty little liars can’t? We all know what happens when you go checking up on “A”.  Hopefully we can get the old Spencer back for next week.

  • Terrell

    I don’t think that the old spencer is coming back anytime soon