Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 17 “Out Of The Frying Pan, Into The Inferno” Recap



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Was last night’s episode SHOCKING and REVEALING or what? last night’s episode surely got our blood racing, so many new found secrets and secrets came out as well. The writers of Pretty Little Liars have done it yet again.

On last night’s episode Spencer accidentally on purpose, lets the cat out of the bag to Ezra about his son. Spencer got a text from Aria saying that she told Ezra about the child and he broke up with her. Spencer furious leaves class and has an argument with Aria’s mom about not wanting to be in school and she storms out. Spencer finds Ezra and opens a bag of rage on him about breaking up with Aria for the secret about the kid. Ezra reveals to Spencer that he hasn’t talked to Aria or broken up with her, Spencer then realizes that she was set up by ‘A” to tell Ezra and she then gets on her bike and leaves.

Meanwhile Emily gets a package in the mail from Nate’s parents which are full of Alison’s things including a Biology folder with more than notes in it. Emily, Aria, and Hannah realizes that Alison was having a conversation with someone in the folder. Emily tries to show Spencer but Spencer is over Alison and the whole A game, she states that she doesn’t care and she’s not being loyal to Alison anymore. When Spencer reads the notes in the folder she realizes that when Toby was in Juvie Alison went to see him and Alison thought that he was “A” and Toby told Alison that he wasn’t “A” but if he knew who was he would join them and make her and her friends suffer.

Hannah finds out that Caleb and Paige are working together to bring down Mona and her A squad. Hannah follows Paige and ends up at a gay bar spying on Paige. A girl hits on Hannah and buys her a drink, and the girls friend get jealous and throws a drink on Hannah, and Hannah is sent to the police station for underage drinking.

On the other hand Aria and Ezra are ok, at least we think. Ezra is just a little upset about the news of his son, but we have faith that Ezria will be ok.

Now lets talk about the biggest secret of all that came out tonight. Alison Delaurentis was pregnant? That’s right people it was revealed to Emily from CeCe that Alison came to see her that summer and Alison said that she might be pregnant………WHOA talk about a big secret.

How did you feel about last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars?