Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 19 “What Becomes Of The Broken Heart?” More Drama



When a heart is wounded what becomes of it? There has been heartbreak after heartbreak on Pretty Little Liars, of course the most recent heartbreak is the downfall of Spoby and Spencer isn’t coping so well with the secret she is keeping.

Season 3 episode 19 of Pretty Little Liars is entitled “What Becomes Of The Borken Heart?”, and we have learned that Spencer is still falling, and continues her depression. Knowing that Spencer will be loathing in her own misery, the girls will be confused as what to do for themselves. In this episode Spencer will begin to take her frustrations and anger out on Mona and this may be the episode where she attacks Mona.

Caleb will also be hurting, but hiding his pain behind discussing his father still doesn’t stop Hanna from helping. Hanna devises a plan to bring father and son back together, but how will Caleb feel about this? Aria finds herself missing Ezra after the break up in episode 17 and she begins to spend more time with Ezra’s brother Wes.

Emily on the other hand is still on the “A” trail while everyone else is dealing with their own problems. Emily enlist the help of Jason and the two begin to start putting together the pieces of Alison’s cape may trip.

Everything seems to be getting difficult. It seems as if Emily is left to figure out the “A” thing by herself which could be dangerous for her, and Aria spending more time with Wes, could this push the two together?