Pretty Little Liars Troian Bellisario talks about Toby and How It will effect the girls

Credit: ABC Family

Credit: ABC Family

Are you as excited about the future of the girls on Pretty Little Liars as we are. Spencer recently found out that her boyfriend has been betraying her and her friends all along.

Where does that leave her and Toby’s relationship? How will Spencer be from now on? Will she ever tell the girls? Well in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly Troian Bellisario(Spencer) and the show’s Producer gave details on what to expect in the rest of the season.

We want to know, How will Spencer cope with this new devastating secret? We all know that Spencer will have her downfall this season, but here is what Troian had to say about it.

“For me, once I found out that Spencer was going to find out, it was almost like a huge relief for me because that was something that I could actually go through. It’s very interesting the way she finds out — she sets a trap for him. When you go back and you watch the episode — which is supposed to be their anniversary — she knows early on in the episode. Or, she suspects early on. That’s what’s so interesting about the episode — we’re continuing to play Spencer to the audience as not know, as not knowing, you realize that she’s actually known for almost the entire episode. So it was this really cool thing that I got to play, of constantly knowing the truth but not wanting the truth. That moment when he turns around and he’s in the black hoodie — it is utter devastation. It’s this burden that Spencer takes on of being too smart for her surroundings and figuring out things. I think in that moment there’s a real wishing that she never knew because it’s too awful, which is why she goes back to his apartment and bangs on the door.”

We can expect that Spencer will not be on her game for the next few episodes, as Spencer is the one in the group that connects all the clues together faster, and the one that give the most direction for the girls. We want to know what will happen to the girls while Spencer is in her own world in the next few episodes, here is what Troian tells Entertainment Weekly.

“The cool thing about how it ripples out to the rest of the episodes is that, when Spencer loses it, the rest of the PLLs kind of become chickens with their heads cut off. They suddenly don’t have the person who’s directing them. They just have this person who was lost everything — it’s a whole new dynamic.”

There is no date that we know of when it comes time for the rest of the girls to find out about Toby. How will they find out and when, well you will just have to tune in to find out.