Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 16 “Misery Loves Company” Recap!



Last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars was shocking, sad, and scary. It was another scary night for Aria and it was a devastating night for spencer.

Spencer: This episode is very heartbreaking for Spencer, as it is her and Toby’s anniversary and she is planning a romantic dinner for Toby at Toby’s house, but while at the house she seem to have fallen into the truth that her boyfriend is “A” and that he has been torturing her and her friends for some time now. Spencer doesn’t take this so well, when she runs into at the end of the episode and she gives him a big slap in the face. Spencer was broken by this situation and was left crying on Toby’s doorstep.

Hannah: Hannah overhears Caleb on the phone speaking about stopping Mona, and she warns him to leave it alone. Fearing that Caleb won’t leave the situation alone she ask Emily to follow him. Hannah also has a big interview with a fashion designer that she loves, so she thinks. As Hannah arrives to the building where the said interview is suppose to happens, she looks through the window and catches a glimpse of a woman with blonde hair and a red jacket like Alison’s, and as she turns around she notices that the woman is gone. When Hannah enters into the building she calls out the designers name but doesn’t get an answer. The lights in the building goes off and Hannah then realizes that it’s a trap that “A” has set up, and “A” shoves a line of Mannequins at Hannah and she falls over. As “A” is leaving a key falls out of his pocket, and Hannah picks up the key.

Aria: Aria sick in bed gets a shock of her life. Aria hallucinates Alison in her room, as Alison begins to talk she doesn’t give Aria any information about her death, but she does inform Aria that Meredith has been drugging her. When Aria wakes up she notices that Meredith has locked her in her room with no way out. Scared, Aria breaks her hand mirror and takes a piece of glass from it and gets in bed with it, and goes back to sleep. When Aria wakes up again she notices that Meredith is standing over her and she goes to look for the glass that she had broken, but Meredith has it in her hand. Meredith begins to ask about the pages of Alison’s diary. As Aria makes her escape out the room Meredith sneaks up behind her knocks her out and drags her to the basement. Emily and Hannah came by to check on her and Meredith locked them in the basement as well. It was Aria’s dad that got them out of the basement. Aria is convinced that her dad didn’t murder Alison after having a talk with him. He also told her and her friends that Melissa was there.

Caleb & Paige: Caleb and Paige are meeting in secret and plotting ways to stop Mona. They are both lying to their partners in order to keep it a secret. They come up with they idea that if they find A’s lair then they could end all suffering that the girls are going through.

This episode was crazy, we didn’t expect that Aria’s life would be in danger again in this episode. What do you all think about this episode? Weigh in in the comments below.