Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell Talks Behind The Scenes Craziness on “Pretty Little Liars”

Video Source: Entertainment Tonight

This new season of Pretty Little Liars is way more dark, intense, and crazy. Shay Mitchell (Emily) and Troian Bellisario (Spencer) sat down with Entertainment tonight to discuss what was going on behind the scenes of Pretty Little Liars, while filming season 3 episode 16 “Misery Loves Company”

In the video Shay and Troian talks about the things that went on while filming the scene at Aria’s house while she is sick. All of the friends come over to comfort Aria and take care of her during her sickness. They group discusses the letter that Merideth found in Byron’s drawer, in which he stole out of Aria’s room, which links him to the night that Alison was killed. Aria states that if her dad did something to Ali it’s a family secret that she cannot keep.

Tonight will be the night that Spencer finds out that her long time boyfriend “Toby” is the new “A” that has been torturing them, will you be tuning in and watching an ALL NEW Pretty Little Liars tonight.