Are we getting new “Pretty Little Liars” after the original characters graduate and Leave Rosewood!


We have been keeping up with Pretty Little Liars since it’s premiere in 2010, and we have fallen in love with the show and the main characters. It was originally set for ABC Family to air only five season on the hit show. The show has already been renewed for a fourth season before they even got close to finishing season 3.

Our girls Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hannah have all grown close to our hearts over the past 3 years and will continue to grow closer. But what will happen to the girls once they graduate from Rosewood High, will they continue this “A” game through college or will it ever end. Well the crew over at Zap2it spoke with producer Oliver Goldstick and here is waht he had to say about this.

I think five [seasons] is what we originally thought, but there are ways to invigorate this show, interestingly enough. We’ve talked, internally, about introducing four new Pretty Little Liars; we’ve talked about that with the studio. There could be four new girls after these girls graduate, who witness or participate in some sort of crime, and all of a sudden you have four new girls who are lying. I don’t know! But for now, with these girls, we’ve all thought that we’ve got five seasons in them.

Four new girls, we aren’t exactly sure how that will pan out. We all have gotten so use to the faces we see now, that if any new girls try to come in and fill the spot we would all get the urge to say “You Will Never Replace Our Girls”. If they were to want to keep the show running they should do a college edition, but not with the whole “A” theme but something more but less.

What do you think, Will you watch Pretty Little Liars with four new girls after the original girls graduate high school?