A Few Things We Would Like To See In Season 4 Of Pretty Little Liars!


Pretty Little Liars has gotten crazy good over the years and has gained a very wide fanbase. We have been watching this show since it’s debut in 2010, and we have seen the good the bad and the ugly, but what more do we want to see. Check out our list of things we want to see in season 4 of Pretty Little Liars.

1. We want to meet Toby and Jenna’s parents. We have never seen nor meet the parents of the two craziest people in rosewood, the two behind most of the drama in the town. Do their parents let them run a muck.

2. We want a gay male in Rosewood. Show Runner Marlene King already stated that it’s a possibility that she will make one of the male characters on the show question his sexuality. Who do you think it would be. Our guesses are Mike Montgomery, Lucas Gottesman, Jason DiLaurentis, or Holden Strauss.

3. The Apple Rose Grill. Aaagh the Apple Rose Grill, oh so how we miss this place. In most of season one this was the hot spot in town, we really do miss the grill.

4. Parental Involvement. We know that this is crazy and that the writers and fans are use to parents being out of the know. Don’t the parents wonder why there is so much going on in their kids life, don’t the parents ever wonder why their kids always seem to be surrounded by death. Do the parents realize that when their kids seems suspicious or shut them out that, they are hiding something. We think that It would be great to let at least one or two parents In on the whole “A” secret, I think Ashley Marin and or Ella Montgomery, but we are rooting for Ashley. Wouldn’t it be great for at least one parent to know everything.

What are some things that you all want to see in season 4 of Pretty Little Liars