Keagan Allen Talks About The Toby Slip Up That Leads To The Reveal and [Spoiler] and [Spoiler] in black hoodies!

CREDIT: Keagan Allen Instagram

CREDIT: Keagan Allen Instagram

Spoiler Alert!!!!
This post contains spoilers, Read At Your Own Risk

With season 3B getting off to a great start, there are still more shocking events to come that will rock the world of every Pretty Little Liars fan out there.

Keagan Allen(Toby) recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss upcoming events that will rocks worlds, both in Rosewood and In our world.

During the season 3 first finale, I am pretty sure that all of our jaws dropped as well as our hearts when we found out that dear old sweet Toby was a part of the A team. But did Keagan know that he was going to be “A” all along.

“I found out pretty early on in the season that they were going to change this character from being the moral compass, the good boyfriend, to a betrayer. If you remember in the first season, he was an outcast. Everyone thought he had murdered Alison, he didn’t have that great of a following in the school. He turned it all around, started to date Spencer and started to have this wonderful relationship. The writers thought it would be an amazing idea, and I thought it was a great idea to not only betray the people in the realm of Rosewood but to betray the audience as well. I’m pleased the way it came out.” says Keagan.

We all know that Spencer will be find out that Toby Is “A” but when and how does this happen?

“I almost want to tease that there is a slip-up and that’s why he gets spotted, a miniscule slip-up. It’s so interesting how that happens too: It’s so, so minimal, it’s pretty amazing. [That] blows [everything] open. He is still very secure in his position of being this phantom [“A”]; he’s been able to keep this secret for so long. If it wasn’t revealed that he was part of the team, I don’t think the audience would know at this point. He’s definitely shadier now. Since the audience knows, there is more insight. We keep the camera on him to see how he reacts and knowing that he is who he is, it adds to that shock factor.” – Keagan

Keagan also talked about the Finale and two other people in black hoodies.

“I know that the finale is crazy, but I don’t know what they chose to do. When they did the “A” team reveal, they shot Lindsay Shaw (Paige), Tyler Blackburn (Caleb) in hoodies. The crew had no idea who was going to be “A.” It’s very elaborate.”

Wait a minute here, did he give too much away or not. Why are both Lindsey Shaw(Paige) and Tyler Blackburn(Caleb) being shot in hoodies. Is it that one of them are revealed as on the “A” team or is it that they are trying to infiltrate the “A” team, or maybe it wasn’t only those two shot in hoodies.