Pretty Little Liars continue to Reign in Ratings and Tweets!

Pretty Little Liars Cast

Although in Rosewood they may keep tons of secrets, but it is no secret that the fans of the show continues to make the popular show number one. Fans tuned into the premier of the winter season of Pretty Little Liars this past Tuesday and the ratings were amazing.

According to Tv By The Numbers the show the number one show that was watched Tuesday night in women 18-34 and key millennials. Last years mid season finale broke this record, as well as the finale of second season.

The show also broke the record for most tweeted telecast of all time, AGAIN!. 767,000 tweets came in at a rate of 39,000 per minute, which all adds up to around 1.9 million tweets and that is about 52% of twitter’s activity that day.

We can say that we am so proud of Marlene King, and everyone who works on this show, on the set and behind the scenes. Since the season 3 mid season finale a ton of new fans have jumped on board of the Pretty Little Liars trAin. Many new comers have began catching up with the show on netflix and other sources.

We are definitely excited about this news, we are huge fans of the show.