Did Toby Try To Run [spoiler] Over, Did We Just Discover A New Member Of The “A- Team”

lucas Tonight’s episode was crazy, from a near hit and run accident, to a teacher being caught in a fire, to brains in the locker, and to a lying father. It was all a big mess.

In episode 14 of season 3 we saw a mysterious character dressed in all black. Black hoodie, black pants, black gloves black shoes, all riding on a black skateboard. Our first thought was that i was Toby. As the mysterious character continues to ride his skateboard through the unsafe streets of rosewood, the character is being followed by a black truck. As the mysterious character begin to skate faster the truck speeds up to try to hit him. The truck almost causes a collision accident with a passing by vehicle. As the truck approaches closer the mysterious skateboard rider ditches his skateboard and runs on foot, and we then soon learn that the driver of the truck was Toby.

At school after Mona whispers in Lucas’s ear, Hannah approaches him and ask him to tell her what Mona said to him. Lucas says nothing and walks away limping on his leg.

When Lucas arrives at Hannah’s home to giver her an envelope with cash in it, to give to Caleb, she ask him what happens to his leg. Hannah suspects that he is the one that Aria stabbed with the screwdriver when she was locked in a box on the train and almost thrown out. Lucas tells Hannah that he hurt his leg in a skateboarding accident.

This sparked up a few questions in our mind such as;

-Was Lucas the mysterious skateboarder at the beginning of the episode?

-If Lucas was the mysterious skateboarder, then why was he dressed in all black like a member of the “A” team?

-If Lucas was the mysterious skateboarder, why was Toby trying to run him over?

-How much does Lucas now, who’s side is he on, does he have something do do with the A team?

Remember on the Halloween episode when Aria was locked in the box next to Garrett’s dead body and we heard the voices of two people attempting to push the box off the train. We heard the voices of a male, and a female. Aria found a screwdriver in the box and she also found a whole in the box as to where she can stick the screwdriver through. As she stuck the screwdriver through the hole she did stab someone, but we didn’t know who it was that she stabbed.

Is it possible that today we just found out who that was, and if so could he be on the A team. Well on yesterdays episode “She’s Better Now” we found out that Jason had a hole in his side near his hip, a hole the same size of a screwdriver, and that Mona was helping him clean it up.

WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! Are the writers telling us that Jason is on the A team, and that he and Mona tried to kill Aria. This show is getting wicked, a ton of great characters are now becoming evil. I guess that we should all take our eyes off the actual meanies in rosewood and look more at the nice ones with Angelic faces.

Do you think that Jason is on the A team?