Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 14 “She’s Better Now” (Review) & Jason is a person of interest

Credit: ABC Family Network

Credit: ABC Family Network

Spoiler Alert!!!!
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After a long awaited break, Pretty Little Liars returned with shocking events and new secrets.

As the episode begins, someone dressed in all black and in a hoodie is seen riding a skateboard. As the mysterious skateboard rider continues to ride, the rider notices a black truck following behind them. The black truck tries to run the skateboarder over butt the skateboarder hops of and gets away on foot. The camera then pans into the driver of the truck and it was Toby.

Hannah is startled when she sees that crazy Mona is in her room, standing over her. Mona is their to explain to Hannah that she needs her to stick by her side because she is not ready to return to school again. Hannah agrees that Mona may need a friend but as normal Hannah is very hesitant.

At school the girls begin to talk about what Garrett said about Aria’s dad, as Spencer stops them Aria get’s upset and storms off. Why walking into the school’s building Aria notices Mona standing at the end of the steps. Mona speaks to Aria but Aria just gives Mona a crazy glance, as in wondering why she is speaking to her.

As Emily and Aria walks to class they notice that Meredith is now teaching their class and they both are shocked and displeased. During class Aria seems to be texting, and Meredith catches her and confiscates her phone. As the bell rings Meredith ask Aria to stay after class, but Aria doesn’t stay Alone, her friends stay with her. Meredith then tells Aria that she is being a professional and that she has a Job to do and so do her and her friends if they want to graduate. She then tells Aria that she saw what she was texting and that her class is American History not her history.

Hannah catches up with Mona in the hallway and walks with her to her locker. As Mona opens her locker she notices that someone stuck a brain in her locker with a knife through it. As everyone looks Mona grabs the knife with brain attached and throws the brain in the garbage, with the knife still in her hand Mona turns to look at everyone, while holding the knife as if she was going to stab someone. Mona eventually throws the knife in the trash, then she walks over to Lucas and whispers something in his ear and walks away. Hannah walks over to Lucas and ask him what did Mona say to him but Lucas doesn’t give an answer and he walks off limping.

Emily is now on lockdown, her mother and father are so worried about her and all the crime that has been happening that they decided to get an expensive security system with sensors on every door and window. Emily cannot leave the house unless the alarm is deactivated which is done through her fathers phone.

At school Emily sees Mona talking to the Janitor, who is also the same guy that rented A the hotel room. Emily and Hannah both go and explore into his office but they notice that he is in there and as they peek in they notice that Mona’s “A” material is in there. The Janitor hears a noise which prompts Emily and Hannah to go and hide.

Back at home Hannah gets a visit from Lucas, Lucas hands Hannah a yellow envelope and inside he says is all the cash that he owes Caleb. Hannah then ask Lucas what happened to his leg and he told her a skateboarding accident. Hannah then starts asking questions about Mona and he tells her that Mona has been getting in and out of the sanitarium for a while now.

Later that night Spencer, Aria, and Hannah are all suppose to be running in a marathon but instead ditches the marathon to snoop in the Janitors office. Meanwhile back home Emily switches her and her father’s phone in order to gain access to the house security and turn it off so that she can sneak out of the house to join her friends to search the Janitor’s office. As the girls break into the office they find none of the A stuff, but they do find Alison’s old diary. In it was written something about Aria’s dad and how she was suppose to me with him the labor day weekend, the weekend she also died. The girls then hear someone coming and storms out and rips a page out of the diary. The janitor catches then girls and then Toby walks in. As they all leave out they notice a fire in a shed breaks out with Meredith in it.

At the end of the episode Aria’s dad question’s her wondering if her and her friends had anything to do with the fire. Aria tells him no but he doesn’t believe her. Meanwhile as Spencer goes to talk to Jason and basically say goodnight, she gets a call from Aria as Aria explains what just happened with her dad. As Spencer leaves Mona walks out of Jason’s house and starts putting something on his screwdriver sized wound.

We seem to think that everyone that we love is now becoming a suspicious character, We feel as if this season for Pretty Little Liars fans will be both heartbreaking to our long term love of some characters as well as the most twisted shocking season yet. There is still a lot more to uncover and I don’t think we are going to like the secrets and lies that are coming ahead, but they will make good conversation and viewing

How Did you feel about this episode? Do you think Jason has something to do with the A Team