Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 10 “What Lies Beneath” (Recap)

Spoiler Alert!!!!
This post contains spoilers, Read At Your Own Risk

Give me more is what I am screaming at the end of every episode of Pretty Little Liars and tonight’s episode was fantastic. The writers always leave us anticipating Tuesdays, and boy am I anticipating this tuesday, Why? First lets get into a recap and you will figure it out.

Is it me or are things still sort of shaky between Aria and Ezra. After the big Ezra secret in Last week’s episode were we find out that he once got his ex girlfriend Maggie pregnant and his mother paid her to leave town and never speak to Ezra again. Aria was a little on edge after finding this out. Things are not going so well for Aria and Ezra right now, and in all honesty Ezra really needs to pour out all his secrets to Aria, but hey it’s Rosewood no one can ever keep a secret unless one of them is dead. Also don’t you think it’s about time that Aria and Ezra start to get tortured by A, so far everyone has been tortured by “A” except for Aria and Ezra, so what gives?

Hannah finds a letter written to Emily from Maya, on the night that she died, which said that she needed to show Emily something. It looks as if Hannah is determined to find out who this new “A” is, going as far as printing out every photo of Maya from Maya’s website, and boy those are a ton of photos. While going through photo’s with Hannah, Emily stumbled upon a photo of Maya taken at Noel Khan’s cabin and she and Emily decided to take a visit to the cabin. Inside of the cabin Hannah finds a secret room where it seems that someone was sleeping, which may have been Maya. As they search for clues Hannah finds Maya’s bag and in the bag were clothing an old Valentine’s card that Emily gave to Alison and her bus ticket to San Francisco, which means that Maya never left rosewood. As they ramble through Maya’s things the doors and windows of the cabin seems to close by themselves which frightens both Emily and Hannah. Determined to get out Emily uses a fire iron to break the glass window in the cabin, Hannah then tries to pry the wooden shutters open with a knife found in Maya’s bag but Hannah accidentally stabs herself in the leg creating a gash that needs stitches. Determined to get out Emily breaks down the wooden shutters with a wooden stick. After escaping the cabin they both notice a message writing on the cabin saying “I’m saving you for later – A“. This was most definitely an intense moment and I was stunned to see Emily take charge in a situation like that, Emily has definitely evolved from being the weakest link to being the girl that isn’t so afraid, A may have a tough fight with Emily this time around, after all she did lose her girlfriend and she is not in the mood to lose anyone else.

What’s going on in Spencer’s world today, just a little snooping around into the boys locker rooms. Spencer sneaks into the boys locker room during their practice and breaks into Noel Khans locker and takes his phone, but before she can get a chance to look at the phone to jocks walks in forcing her to hide behind the equipment. As the two jocks leave Spencer makes her way back to Noels locker and puts the phone back and just as she walks off she bumps into Noel, but then runs out afterward. Noel later sends Spencer surveillance footage of Maya at the cabin the night that Maya was murdered. The video shows Maya coming to the cabin and hours after Noel and Jenna pulls up Maya is seen leaving and is snatched by an unknown figure, who may have been the person that killed her. Also this video clears Noel and Jenna off the suspect list, as well as Garrett.

Whoa Whoa Whoa wait just a minute, did Emily really give Nate a passionate kiss. After the cabin aftermath Emily comes home to find Maya’s cousin Nate sitting on her front porch still upset over the death of his cousin Maya. When Emily hands him a bag of Maya’s things he gets very emotional which leads to Emily giving him a comforting hug, and as they pull away they make eye contact which leads to a lingering kiss. Paige walks up happy and ready for a movie night with Emily but stumbles on her and Nate kissing, in which Nate nor Emily knows that Paige saw them. Wow this totally was a shocking moment, I wasn’t expecting Emily to kiss Nate, could Emily be back to liking guys? I think that Emily liked that kiss do you.

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